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​Man Drives Van Into a New London House, Faces DUI Charges

A Groton man’s crashed his van into the porch of a Bayonet Street home after driving under the influence (the police refrained from specifying whether alcohol or other drugs were involved).

At around 8 p.m., New London Police’s received reports about the car crash. The vehicle, which was later found to be a 2016 Honda Odyssey, ended up demolishing the front porch of the house. Driver, identified as Yanxia Chen, 48, was apprehended by the police, taken into custody, and eventually charged with DUI. Even though no physical injuries were reported, the driver will have to face the incredibly unpleasant consequences of the actions for years to come.

The message here is straightforward: don’t drink and drive. Luckily for everyone, this accident wasn’t lethal for anyone. Over a million people each year die in car accidents, and one should do its best to avoid being added to the stats. Getting  a DUI can also lead to hefty fines and fees and, sometimes, to losing a job, license, and getting a criminal record on file.

To sum up, a person doesn’t want to get charged with a DUI - the verdict can literally ruin one’s life. If you happen to find yourself in such an unfavorable situation, contacting an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars, plus the opportunity cost. Anyone who is facing criminal charges, even minor, shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. An attorney often plays a crucial role in finding whether a person is convicted or not, and that’s why it’s essential to speak to one if possible.

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