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​Foster Father Facing Severe Charges Following DUI Which Injured His Foster Son

A foster father crashed into two utility poles on the morning of Monday, September 30, leaving his foster son in critical condition and the community shaken. James Bailey, a 65-year-old man from Meriden, was driving under the influence when he lost control of his vehicle. The 17-year-old passenger, who was not wearing a seatbelt at the time, was thrown from the back seat of the SUV and suffered severe injuries as a result.

It was determined through a field sobriety test that Bailey was driving with a blood alcohol level that exceeded the legal limit of 0.08%. As a result, he was charged with a DUI, reckless endangerment, assault in the second degree with a motor vehicle, and reckless driving.

Although alcohol is the featured cause in this case, the fact remains that speed also appears to have played a factor. After all, North Wall Street is often a hotbed of speeding according to those who live on the street. It is estimated that Bailey was driving his vehicle much too fast to navigate and contributed to the overall severity of the accident. After hitting and snapping the first utility pole, the Nissan Pathfinder continued and smashed into another pole.

The driver and another passenger in the front seat sustained only minor injuries during the crash, with the latter being treated at Midstate Hospital and released. Now, questions regarding Bailey’s service as a foster parent have started to emerge, with many wondering how future placements will be handed. The Department of Children and Families has started to conduct their own investigation into the matter, which could bring additional charges to Bailey. His actions in this matter are tantamount to neglect and abuse, making his pending court case all the more serious.

Bailey will appear in court on October 15 for the beginning of his court hearings. Presently, he is free after he posted $200,000 in bond. While facing such a serious string of charges, Bailey is fortunate that he has the time to prepare a defense with a good criminal defense attorney. These professionals can explore the facts and ensure he receives fair treatment. With experienced attorneys on his side, he stands a much better chance of explaining what happened, expressing remorse, and showing that his morals, though compromised in the moment, are still strong.




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