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​​Online Publication of Your Arrest

​If you are arrested, notification of your arrest may appear in a police blotter, or in an article in the local - or even national - news. Oftentimes, your image or mugshot will also appear in the article. Once publication of your arrest appears on the Internet, anyone with Internet access can find out that you have been arrested and learn details surrounding your charges. This may cause a great deal of concern to you if you are a public figure, if you hold a job that requires security clearance, or if you simply wish to move on with your life after your case has been dismissed.

Connecticut General Statutes has an Erasure Statute, C.G.S. §54-142a, which provides that once a case has been dismissed (or 13 months after a nolle has been entered) it is as if you have never been arrested. Unfortunately, Connecticut General Statutes do not govern the press, and online news companies that publish these articles may continue to publish news about your arrest.

How Articles are Erased or Edited

Many local news publications will agree to remove your article from their website upon confirmation of a successful disposition of your criminal matter. In other cases, publication companies may be willing to publish an update to the article confirming a favorable disposition and remove meta tags. A meta tag is a code word, or words, that describe the contents of the article. This information is used by search engines such as Google to index a page so that someone who searches for particular information will be able to find it. Once the publication company removes meta tags, the article detailing your arrest will no longer appear during a Google search.

The attorneys and staff at Koffsky & Felsen, LLC have helped many of our clients remove articles detailing their arrests from the Internet. Here at Koffsky & Felsen, LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in obtaining documentation confirming the disposition of your case and in contacting local news publications in order to have your article deleted or revised.

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