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​Convict Charged Again with Serious Drug Charge

In recent Stratford news, a former convict ends up adding a drug charge and a firearms charge to his list of felonies, which includes a previous firearms charge back in 2013. This comes to news to citizens in Stratford, where the felon resided.

Nolan Moore, age 34, after having a search warrant being served to him, police found not only multiple firearms, which, as a felon it’s illegal for Nolan to possess even one firearm, but investigators also found “marijuana and narcotics packaging”, with enough to be charged for operating a drug factory.

Among these drugs, police also found a great deal of firearms and ammunition, giving Nolan another firearms charge. Having a previous firearms charge already on his record, Moore is most likely going to face an even longer prison time than his previous imprisonment.

The Stratford Narcotics Vice and Intel Unit joined forces with the “Bridgeport Police” task force served the search warrant together during this investigation, specifically in the “100 block” of Larkin Court. Police say that this is due to a previous investigation into Nolan Moore, on the basis of illegal sales of narcotics, as well as the possession of firearms.

Police also say that they caught Mr. Moore, just as he was about to leave the Larkin Court address in which they had a search warrant. As it turns out, they caught him at the last minute, and swiftly arrested him.

Being on parole for a previous charge, Nolan Moore is being held with no option to post, being held with $500,000. This previous charge happens to be for firearms as well. Mr. Moore is currently awaiting trial making this a charge that will probably dwarf his previous charge, having now be a multiple offense.

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